How to join the Mediation Center Solis?

Mediators who are ready to:

• work in accordance with the Mediation Rules of the Mediation Center Solis,
• recommend the Solis Mediation Rules when working with your clients,
• comply with the rules of ethics of the mediator of the Mediation Center Solis

may be included in the List of Mediators.

An application for inclusion in the List of Associate Mediators of the Solis Mediation Center who support our ethics, financial policies and rules can be sent to:

The application must be accompanied by a resume, a diploma of higher education, a diploma of a mediator, a business-style photograph on a white background.

Upon application, an individual online meeting will be held, as a result of which a decision will be made on inclusion in the List.

The fee for inclusion in the register of mediators of the Solis Mediation Center is 6,000 Roubles for 2023.

From 2024, inclusion into the Solis List of Associate Mediators will also require a recommendation from a mediator already on the List.

Inclusion in the list of mediators of the Solis Mediation Center will provide the mediator with the following benefits:

1) increase the recognition of the name of the mediator,
2) make it clear to the mediator's clients that the mediator supports the rules of ethics of the mediator,
3) a mediator who supports the Solis Mediation Center may be among the first to learn the news of the Center, participate in the development and activities of the Center, in training mediations and conferences,
4) the mediator will be provided with advisory support on all issues related to the work of the mediator and assistance in administering mediation in accordance with the Mediation Rules of the Solis Mediation Center.

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