Negotiation Education at the Mediation Center Solis

Professional Development Program

Commercial mediation. An Effective Conflict Manager

We invite you to take a course in negotiation and commercial mediation.

Program organizers: the Institute of Air and Space Law AEROHELP (Russia) and the Mediation Center Solis (Russia).

As a result of mastering the program, you will be able to:

  • Effectively work with information in the course of communication, determine the reliability of information, overcome barriers in communication;
  • Use and manage emotions in conflict;
  • Manage conflict;
  • Use different negotiation styles, prepare and conduct negotiations, develop a negotiation strategy;
  • Conduct mediation of international and commercial disputes.

Program conditions:

  • Cost: 70 000 Roubles (around 1000 Euro).
  • Course period: 3.5 months
  • Number of hours: 24
  • Format: online
  • Language: Russian or English language (for different groups)
  • Time: Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 20:30 (MSK)

Training begins when a group is recruited (we start from 6 people).


Topic 1. Communication
Concept, reception and transmission of information. Reception and transmission of non-verbal and verbal information. Effective work with information, reliability of information. Communication barriers and their overcoming (establishing contact, active listening). Types of active listening. Communication tools of the conflictologist. Skill development.

Topic 2. Emotional intelligence
Meaning and main types of emotions. Assertive behaviour. Emotion management skills in negotiations.

Topic 3. Conflict
The concept, structure and types of conflict. Development (dynamics) of the conflict. The behavior of the parties to the conflict. Involvement of the group in the conflict. Communication disorders in conflict, distortion of subjective perception in a conflict situation. Techniques for working with conflict, conflict resolution.

Topic 4. Negotiations
Negotiation styles. Interests, needs and positions of the parties in negotiations. Integrative negotiations. Preparation for negotiations, analysis and adjustment of the negotiation strategy. resistance to manipulation. Negotiation impasse and methods of its overcoming. Evaluation and implementation of the result of negotiations.

Topic 5. Mediation
The concept, principles and procedure of mediation. Functions of the mediator. Stages of mediation. Agreement on the conduct of the mediation procedure. Mediator's tools and skills. Legislative basis of mediation. Out-of-court and judicial mediation, combination of mediation with commercial arbitration. Mediation of certain types of commercial disputes. Mediation of international disputes, analysis of mediation rules developed by international organizations and institutions.


Daria Zhdan-Pushkina, mediator, head of the Solis Mediation Center, lawyer practicing in the field of commercial law and consulting for foreign clients, acts as an arbitrator in commercial disputes.

Veronika Demidova, mediator at the Solis Mediation Center, senior lawyer at an international law firm, a practicing arbitrator from the VIAC list, assists in resolving disputes on commercial law.

Natalia Frolova is a mediator at the Solis Mediation Center, head of the legal department of an international auto concern, practices in the field of managing internal legal issues of the company, in the field of settling corporate and financial disputes.

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